Shannon Does Dinner

6 weeks of easy AF dinners along with a collection of hilarious stories, ridiculous illustrations and general inappropriateness.


Parenting for Legends

I’m not here to tell you how to be the perfect parent. I’m here to tell you the bloody truth about parenthood!


Shannon’s Kitchen

Nutritious food makes you feel awesome but it can taste like doodle so here are 60 easy recipes for healthy food you’ll actually forking eat.


The Bumhole Diaries

Incredible things in unspeakable places! Many people have “fallen” anus-first onto inanimate objects and ended up in hospital for extractions. These are their stories.


Get them all!

Make Shannon’s day and get all four. That’s The Bumhole Diaries, Shannon’s Kitchen, Parenting for Legends, and Shannon Does Dinner. What a filthy bundle.


Shannon Does Dinner

What do we want?! Easy dinners!

When do want ‘em?! Immediately if not sooner!

Everyone assumes Shannon Kelly White loves cooking… you know, seeing as she wrote the bestselling, international award winning cookbook, Shannon’s Kitchen. But the truth is, she doesn’t. She loves eating.

The burden of making nutritious, wholesome meals can be a real ballache because—like herpes—it’s relentless. So Shannon thinks it’s time to channel Johnny Farnham and take the pressure down. Yes, nutrition is bloody important but we don’t want to get caught up in diets, detoxes and doodle-pullery and forget that food should bring pleasure as well as nourishment. It shouldn’t be stressful. In today’s busy world what we want—and need—are simple, healthy meals. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from this book.

Along with a collection of hilarious stories, ridiculous illustrations and willy jokes you never knew you were missing, Shannon will answer the age-old question of, ‘What’s for dinner?’ with 6 weeks of easy meals for those with nary a fork to give.

Here’s what Hamish Blake has to say about Shannon Does Dinner:

“If you don’t like Shannon’s hilarious writing and delicious simple food, then I really don’t know why you’re holding a book that’s all about delicious simple food written in Shannon’s truly hilarious way. How embarrassing for you.”


Parenting for legends

I’m not here to tell you how to be the perfect parent… I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THE BLOODY TRUTH ABOUT PARENTHOOD!

When a baby arrives you aren’t gifted with an unlimited supply of patience and virtue — all you’re rewarded with is a torn perineum and a lifelong commitment to someone you literally just met. But something that does happen when you welcome a child into your life is: you just want to do right by the little sods. So how do you balance out that insatiable need to parent like a goddamn champ while also not exhausting yourself?

Parenting for Legends is a hilarious, uncensored guide to parenting young children, filled with confessions, tips and stories from an irreverent mum of two young boys. This honest and frank account of parenthood will have you in stitches and bring you gently back to reality with sprinklings of sage advice.

With chapters such as, ‘What to really bloody expect when you’re expecting’, ‘Sometimes at night you want to put them in the bin’, and ‘Your relationships might take a punch to the willy’, this book gives an honest but very entertaining account on the realities of parenthood.

You’ll love it.


Shannon's Kitchen


She’s the Donna Hay of not giving a fork. 

Nutritious food makes you feel awesome but it can taste like willy. In this bestselling, international award winning book, you’ll find 60 easy to follow recipes for healthy food you’ll actually eat. If you’ve had a gutful of perfect clean eating types, then this book is for you – there’s no room for preachy nonsense or etiquette, just tasty food, inappropriate language and zero forks given.

“Completely inappropriate and vulgar — which is exactly why I love it.” Zoë  Foster Blake

“If you’re sick of being fed utter BS about food, you need Shannon in your life.” Jo Elvin

“One of the funniest writers on the block.” Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond






Shannon's Bathroom Window