Shannon Does Dinner

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What do we want?! Easy dinners!

When do want ‘em?! Immediately if not sooner!

Everyone assumes Shannon Kelly White loves cooking… you know, seeing as she wrote the bestselling, international award winning cookbook, Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat. But the truth is, she doesn’t. She loves eating.

The burden of making nutritious, wholesome meals can be a real ballache because—like herpes—it’s relentless. So Shannon thinks it’s time to channel Johnny Farnham and take the pressure down. Yes, nutrition is bloody important but we don’t want to get caught up in diets, detoxes and dick-pullery and forget that food should bring pleasure as well as nourishment. It shouldn’t be stressful. In today’s busy world what we want—and need—are simple, healthy meals. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from this book.

Along with a collection of hilarious stories, ridiculous illustrations and doodle jokes you never knew you were missing, Shannon will answer the age-old question of, ‘What’s for dinner?’ with 6 weeks of easy meals for those with nary a f**k to give.

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Here’s what Hamish Blakehas to say about Shannon Does Dinner:

“If you don’t like Shannon’s hilarious writing and delicious simple food, then I really don’t know why you’re holding a book that’s all about delicious simple food written in Shannon’s truly hilarious way. How embarrassing for you.”

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Shannon's favourite recipes include:  Veggie Lasagne with Rosemary, Mr Shannon's Salmon Pasta, Mexican Fish Bowl with Sriracha Mayo, Pulled Chicken Burgers, Dirty Lamb Pies, Butter Lentils, Grilled Barramundi with Miso Sauce, One Tray Cajun Chicken Bake, Soft Lamb & Mango Curry, Kidney Bean Burritos, Quick 'N Tasty Beef Bowl and the Yellow Lentil Soup. But every recipe is a ripper and takes 20 minutes or less prep time. Nipp bristling guaranteed.


3 reviews for Shannon Does Dinner

  1. Shannon

    Of course I’m giving it 5 stars, it’s my fucking book.

  2. Heather Kelly

    What’s for Dinner? Shannon will tell you – a hilariously entertaining collection of stories and yummy recipes that are also easy to prepare!

  3. Lindsay Gillespie (verified owner)

    This cookbook is like no other. . . Not only are the recipes delightfully delicious and super easy to make, Shannon connects each recipe with hilarious, truthful stories I’m sure we can all relate too! This will definitely give your cookbook collection the spunk up it needs!!

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