Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat

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She’s the Donna Hay of not giving a f**k. 

Nutritious food makes you feel awesome but it can taste like penis. Shannon’s Kitchen reveals 60 easy to follow recipes for healthy food you’ll actually eat. If you’ve had a gutful of perfect clean eating types, then this book is for you – there’s no room for preachy nonsense or etiquette, just tasty food, inappropriate language and zero f**ks given.


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Shannon started creating her own recipes because the healthy food world was chapping her fanny with its preachy, overzealous ways and its ridiculous fads. Plus their food often tasted shithouse.

Shannon’s favourite recipes from Shannon’s Kitchen include the Growing Pancakes, Poached Pear & Bacon, Mango & Lamb Salad, Green Curry Salad, Pad Thai Salad, Miso Salmon Wraps, Shannon’s Mum’s Spaghetti Marinara, Veggie Curry with Egg, Potato & Rosemary Pizza, Chicken Satay, Feeling Like Shit Chicken Soup, Slow-Cooked Beef Stroganoff, Melt in Your Mouth Beef Curry, Slow-Roasted Greek Lamb Shoulder, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickers Slice, Flourless Blueberry Muffins, Banana & Sticky Date Puddings and the Jaffa Zero-Cheese Cheesecake.

There’s a reason this book is a bestseller – it’s like no other cookbook. Each recipe’s degree of difficulty is rated by how many f**ks you need to give while the tastiness is measured by how firm it’ll make your nipples.


3 reviews for Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat

  1. Shannon

    Wildly hilarious, but also crazy delicious food. We have cooked from this time and time again.

  2. Lindsay Gillespie

    This book is my go to for easy, super tasty recipes not to mention the the hilarious stories that come with each 1 but to be honest, I would pay $34.99 for the glossary alone. . . So funny! Shannon is a genius!

  3. Re’gan

    I love this cookbook, especially as I don’t have to share it with my 7y.o daughter- she has labelled it my “swear” cookbook & won’t read it! Funny as, would especially recommend it to any nurses out there, and the recipes are amazing! Quite a few have become firm favourites in our household & have since bought Shannon does dinner.

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