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I’m not here to tell you how to be the perfect parent… I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THE BLOODY TRUTH ABOUT PARENTHOOD!

When a baby arrives you aren’t gifted with an unlimited supply of patience and virtue — all you’re rewarded with is a torn perineum and a lifelong commitment to someone you literally just met. But something that does happen when you welcome a child into your life is: you just want to do right by the little sods. So how do you balance out that insatiable need to parent like a goddamn champ while also not exhausting yourself?

Parenting for Legends is a hilarious, uncensored guide to parenting young children, filled with confessions, tips and stories from an irreverent mum of two young boys. This honest and frank account of parenthood will have you in stitches and bring you gently back to reality with sprinklings of sage advice.

With chapters such as, ‘What to really bloody expect when you’re expecting’, ‘Sometimes at night you want to put them in the bin’, and ‘Your relationships might take a punch to the willy’, this book gives an honest but very entertaining account on the realities of parenthood.


“Shannon speaks a language that drowns out the sound of outdated advice, wielding her trademark humour, honesty, practicality and kindness as the major tools for survival — so you can instead delight in the drudgery and marvel in the magic of parenthood.” Erika Heynatz

“Brutal honest, but in the most brilliant way.” Sophie Cachia

“Oh my god! Parenting for Legends is actually legendary! I couldn’t stop giggling from the first page.” Emmylou MacCarthy

“Finally — a parenting book that tells it how it really is! It’s hilarious, informative, slightly disturbing yet totally relatable.” The Real Dads of Melbourne

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When Shannon had her first baby, she had no idea what she was doing. She read so many books and devoured so much online content that I was overwhelmed with conflicting advice — it felt like no matter what she did, some bozo was going to judge her. The books were full of musts and don'ts and shoulds... she was getting should-ed on all over the place!

She wishes she'd had a book like this when I was a new mum: honest, non-judgemental and reassuring. A book that mad her feel like she was doing a great job... because she was. She just didn't know it.

Sometimes it feels as though judgement is rife; you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Sometimes the judgement seeps in and you feel like a shit parent. But we're all trying our best. And we won't all raise children the same way — everyone has different values so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. There are so many different ways to get it right!

Parenting for Legends was a labour of love for Shannon. It was a chance to amuse parents while patting their backs and encouraging them to keep up the great work of providing love and kindness to their babies. She hopes it gets parents giggling at the absurdity of parenthood but reminds them of the absolute joy of raising children. More than anything she hopes it helps parents feel less alone.


3 reviews for Parenting for Legends

  1. Lindsay Gillespie

    Shannon doesn’t claim to have all the answers to parenting but what she does do is put a creative, funny, non judgemental and hilariously crude spin on all topics ‘parenting’! Each section is honest and relatable and so entertaining! I’m so glad I had this book in my life I feel like I am a better parent for it xx

  2. Re’gan (verified owner)

    Honest, funny and real life advice & reality. Loved it, especially being kind to yourselves, each other & our babies as they truly do grow up way too quick. Excellent book for first time parents!

  3. Ashleigh

    I received this book as a gift during my first pregnancy and I cannot describe how much of a relief it was to read a book that was written so accurately and honestly. I related to this book so much and it didn’t make me feel in adequate or feel as though I needed to parent in a specific way and I think there isn’t enough importance placed on this for new mums.

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