‘If you don’t like Shannon’s hilarious writing and delicious simple food, then I really don’t know why you’re holding a book that’s all about delicious simple food written in Shannon’s truly hilarious way. How embarrassing for you.’ Hamish Blake, TV and Radio Personality

‘In the kitchen I’m as useless as male nipples. But Shannon makes me laugh so much with her hilarious and excessively rude stories it takes away the pain of cooking. It’s like Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson and Rodney Rude had a threesome on a kitchen bench and gave birth to Shannon. Who’s the father? Who cares? I’m totally up for it.’ Shelly Horton, Journalist and TV Presenter

‘Once again Shannon has combined her cooking prowess and vulgar vocab to perfection. Anyone who can incorporate dick pullery, Judge Judy and dirty lamb pies into one book is pure genius if you ask me.’ Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond, TV and Radio Presenter

‘The innuendo queen and culinary goddess of Australia — no one gets your meat as moist as Shannon’s floury baps.’ Victoria Emes, Blogger

‘Hilarious, easy and delicious and that’s just the author of this book! The recipes are pretty fucken great too.’ Amy Gerard, Giver of zero fucks

‘I know the word moist is basically the devil but unfortunately I couldn’t find a better word to describe my excitement when I heard Shannon was releasing a new cookbook. Making dinner can be the most mundane of experiences but when you read directions such as “massaging kale like it’s Ryan Gosling’s buttocks” then I’m going to make kale with more gusto then I ever have before. You can now enjoy cooking as if you were fornicating on the beach on a warm summer’s day without the sand in your bits. Delightful!’ Leisel Jones, 4 time Olympic swimmer, 9 time Olympic medallist

‘A book so good you’ll want to marry it.’ Mr Shannon

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