Herbie turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and the little champ wanted a rainbow cake. Birthday cakes have escalated since the good old Women’s Weekly cake days and many children’s parties now feature an extravagant custom $200 cake. If you can afford it, good for you! if not, then don’t bloody worry because you’ll be surprised what you, Betty Crocker and several litres of food dye can achieve. Here’s how I made an imperfect but very well received rainbow cake for under $15:

I divided the batter of two vanilla cakes into 4 bowls and added food dye.

I then dolloped spoonfuls of the batter between two square cake tins and then gently swirled them with a stinky old chopstick:

After baking and cooling, I cut them to make a rainbow-ish shape:

I then made a fuckload of buttercream frosting and divided it between 6 bowls and coloured them, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Next I used a butter knife to spread the frosting on very loosely:

That looks ugly as fucking sin, I agree. But never fear! I smudged it with a flat spatula to give it an ombré effect. CLASSY AS FUCK:

Different sized marshmallows then made their fluffy debut as clouds:

 Aaaaaaaaaaand, scene.

Love, Shannon x

P.S. Let’s take the pressure down and all lower the bar, can we?!

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